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Bill Nye‏: I am teaming up with the March For Science as an honorary co-chair. Join us in DC & around the world on Earth Day, April 22!
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1200 years of annual records of cherry blossom time. Clearly, something very big is happening http://bit.ly/2orMA4f
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Hypervelocity impact sample 💥 When a ~1/2" diam. Al ball impacts a 7" thick Al block @ 15k mph, simulating space debris hitting a spacecraft
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Grand Challenges: Mental Health

Mental health disorders touch rich and poor, young and old, in every country around the world. Hear three experts discuss the evidence for interventions, how to get help to the right people, and which problem, if solved, would help the most. 

Ep. 444: Fractals

For this historic 444th episode of Astronomy Cast, we talk about fractals. Those amazing mathematical visualizations of recursive algorithms. What are they, how do you get them? Why are they important?
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Nature Extra: Futures March 2017

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from March, 'Green boughs will cover thee' by Sarah L Byrne.

SpaceX SES-10 Mission - The Return Of The Falcon
Liftoff targeted for March 30. 22:27 UTC, 31. 00:27 CEST.

Today may be a historic day for SpaceX, and spaceflight in general, as SpaceX is going to launch a commercial communications satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit on a previously flown and recovered booster. One of the goals of the company is to substantially improve the cost of space transportation by developing a reusable launch system. While they managed to land and recover eight of their Falcon 9 first stages, this will be the first attempt to launch a refurbished booster for the second time.

Primary Mission - Deployment of SES-10 into the Correct Orbit
The mission will place SES-10, with a weight of 5282kg, into a 35410 km x 218 km x 26.2° geostationary transfer orbit. From there, the satellite will circularize its orbit using its own engine, providing additional ~1800m/s of ΔV.

Secondary Mission - First Stage Landing
Payload mass and velocity at separation are at the limit of the landing capability for this version of Falcon 9. Nevertheless, the first stage is equipped with recovery gear (cold gas thrusters, steerable grid fins, landing legs), and an attempt will be made to land the stage on the autonomous drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You". To save fuel, the booster will probably skip the boostback burn for a ballistic reentry, use a minimal reentry burn to limit peak heating in the denser parts of the atmosphere to survivable temperatures, and conduct a three-engine (1-3-1) landing burn to reduce gravity losses, for a pretty hot and risky landing.

Tertiary Mission - Fairing Recovery!
Steve Jurvetson confirmed SpaceX will be attempting to recover the fairings on this mission, another milestone for reusability, given the fairings supposedly cost a few million each and take quite some time to produce.


Updates: Infos:

-- Good luck, everyone!

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Podcast: Killing off stowaways to Mars, chasing synthetic opiates, and how soil contributes to global carbon calculations

This week, how to avoid contaminating Mars with microbial hitchhikers, turning mammalian cells into biocomputers, and a look at how underground labs in China are creating synthetic opioids for street sales in the United States with Online News Editor Catherine Matacic. Caitlin Hicks Pries joins Julia Rosen to discuss her study of the response of soil carbon to a warming world. And for this month’s book segment, Jen Golbeck talks to Rob Dunn about his book Never Out of Season: How Having the Food We Want When We Want It Threatens Our Food Supply and Our Future. Listen to previous podcasts. [Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech; Music: Jeffrey Cook]

Nature Podcast: 30 March 2017

This week, mapping sound in the brain, dwindling groundwater, and giving common iron uncommon properties.

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8 months until the world’s first human head transplant.
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The Dzhanibekov Effect
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Podcast: Teaching self-driving cars to read, improving bike safety with a video game, and when ‘you’ isn’t about ‘you’

This week, new estimates for the depths of the world’s lakes, a video game that could help kids be safer bike riders, and teaching autonomous cars to read road signs with Online News Editor David Grimm. And Ariana Orvell joins Sarah Crespi to discuss her study of how the word “you” is used when people recount meaningful experiences. Listen to previous podcasts. [Image: VisualCommunications/iStockphoto; Music: Jeffrey Cook]
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Breazeale Nuclear Reactor Start up, 500kW, 1MW, and Shut Down
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Backchat: March 2017

A sting operation finds several predatory journals offered to employ a fictional, unqualified academic as an editor. Plus, the Great Barrier Reef in hot water, and trying to explain 'time crystals'.

Nature Podcast: 23 March 2017

This week, peering into a black hole, reorganising the dinosaur family tree and finding drug combos for cancer.
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