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The exoplanet next door - nature video

Astronomers have discovered evidence of a small, rocky planet orbiting our nearest star – and it may even be a bit like Earth. Nobody knows whether the planet, called Proxima b, could ever sustain life. The little planet orbits our sun’s nearest neighbouring star, Proxima Centauri, making it the closest exoplanet ever found.

Read the paper here
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ESOcast 87: Pale Red Dot Results

This is the ESOcast that no viewer will want to miss. We discuss the result of the quest to find a planet around the closest star to the Solar System.

The Pale Red Dot campaign aimed to find a planet orbiting our nearest stellar neighbour, Proxima Centauri. Incredibly, the quest succeeded and the team did indeed find a planet. Even more excitingly, the planet, Proxima b, falls within the habitable zone of its host star. The newly discovered Proxima b is by far the closest potential abode for alien life.

In this ESOcast, the results of this groundbreaking research are explained in detail, providing insights into the following points:

* The extensive verification process the team went through to ensure this result was accurate.
* The factors for and against the possibility of life on Proxima b.
* The nature of a “habitable zone” around a star.

The discovery of Proxima b is a major science result, making this ESOcast a must for those of you curious about one of the most intriguing questions in astronomy — “are we alone?”
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TMRO 9.25 - Daniel Faber, Deep Space Industries

Deep Space Industries is an asteroid mining company, changing the economics of the space industry by providing the technical resources, capabilities and system integration required to prospect for, harvest, process, manufacture and market in-space resources. These resources, found on easily accessible near Earth asteroids, will provide unlimited energy and supplies for a growing space economy. We are joined by DSI CEO Daniel Faber to talk about the new space economy and how mining asteroids can change the ay we explore the cosmos.
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Airlander 10 - World's Largest Aircraft First Flight

Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, successfully completed its first flight from Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire (England), on 17 August 2016. Airlander 10 measures 92 m (302 ft) in length, 26 m (85 ft) in height and is 43.5 m (143 ft) wide. The aircraft is filled with helium, has a total weight of 20000 kg and a payload capacity up to 10000 kg.
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RS-25 Rocket Engine Test Firing - NASA

The 7.5-minute test conducted at NASA’s Stennis Space Center is part of a series of tests designed to put the upgraded former space shuttle engines through the rigorous temperature and pressure conditions they will experience during a launch. The tests also support the development of a new controller, or “brain,” for the engine, which monitors engine status and communicates between the rocket and the engine, relaying commands to the engine and transmitting data back to the rocket.
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Gavin Schmidt: July 2016 was absolutely the hottest month since the instrumental records began.
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July 2016 Was Earth's Warmest Month on Record (weather.com)

July global temperature anomalies (degrees Celsius) relative to a 1981-2010 average since 1891. The blue line is a five-year running mean while the red line is the long-term trend. (Japan Meteorological Agency)
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July 2016 was the hottest July on record. -- by Phil Plait

October. November. December. January. February. March. April. May. June. And now July. For the 10th month in a row, we’ve had a month that has broken the global high temperature record.

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, July 2016 was the hottest July on record, going back 136 years. It was a staggering 0.84° C above average across the planet.* The previous July record, from 2011, was 0.74° above average; the new record beats it by a full tenth of a degree.

Welcome to the new normal, and our new world.
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Michael Seeley: Beautiful launch of the #JCSAT16 #Falcon9 rocket by @SpaceX w/ great support by the @45thSpaceWing
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SpaceX JCSAT-16 Mission
Launch window opens August 14, 05:26 UTC for two hours.

Landing the first stage on the droneship "Of Course I Still Love You" in the Atlantic Ocean is now officially a secondary objective, not labeled "experimental" any more. Given the high energy flight profile for this GTO mission, there will be no boost-back burn, the stage will experience extreme reentry heating and attempt a landing with very little propellant margin. See the THAICOM-8 onboard camera for a comparable mission.


Updates: Infos:

-- Good luck, everyone!

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Dr. Robert Zubrin with a brilliant answer to "Why Should We Go To Mars?"
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